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G.C. DALLAS (writer)

G.C. Dallas was born in Kent, England. She did her art studies in London, Paris and Florence. She became an American citizen at New Haven, Connecticut, where her husband was studying for his Ph.D. at Yale. Three of their children were born in New Haven and after entering the U.S. Diplomatic Service, a fourth child was born at their first post in Florence, Italy. The family moved often, which made for a very busy diplomatic and family life, with an average of less than 3 years of residence from post to post: from Florence, to Washington D.C., to Paris, France, to Bangkok, Thailand, to Paris again then to the National War College, Washington D.C. Next they went to Rabat, Morocco for three memorable years followed by a year in Providence, Rhode Island. Then back to Washington D.C., to Brussels, Belgium, and back to Paris, all with stays in Berkeley, California and Washington, D.C. where she worked in an education organization.

She has successfully shown her paintings and her prints in Paris, Brussels and Italy, including in one-man shows. The painting on the cover of “Summer in Sicily” is one of her works from a private collection. She has done translations from Italian and French into English and published poetry. Her base in the United States is Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the family meets in their old house in Tuscany each summer. Her European base is Montparnasse, Paris, where her husband is well known for his books on French political history and she divides her time between writing and painting. Her travels have been a great inspiration for her books and for her several manuscripts.

Her two first books are dedicated to her brother, Philip, whose love and great knowledge of Italy was important to her. He was a specialist in Italian wines and wrote two books on the great wines of Italy - as well as on other subjects.