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A Summer in Sicily (by G.C. Dallas)

Take a famous, but stressed, woman--abstract painter from Washington DC; an infatuated sculptor from NY with a beautiful, not so dumb, model. Add a stingy, but elegant professor; a gallery owner with an adolescent daughter and an alcoholic ex-wife and put all these Americans in a small town one summer in Sicily. Not forgetting either: a bureaucrat from Rome; a crack Sicilian photographer; an Italian sculptor, his workshop and his family; helpful neighbors and even an English racetrack driver and four Sicilian students on vacation with time on their hands---and there you have the cast of this amusing and intriguing story.

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A Tragedy in Tuscany (by G.C. Dallas)

Is Julia Darbor just imagining threats to her life when she arrives in Italy to attend the funeral of her sister, Elizabeth? On an Etruscan archaeological dig, Elizabeth had been staying in the family castle when she had a fatal car crash. Was it an accident? Julia begins to have strong doubts as she realizes that she, too, is in danger! Why did her father, as a young man, go to America to never return to claim his inheritance? Why did her Aunt Renata, the sick, aging; beauty, tell Julia to leave and why was Contessa Filippa, her Grandmother, wanting her to stay? How was it that American Buffalo soldiers saved the life, in 1944, of Alfredo, the sinister castle manservant? What was he doing at the Sant’Anna Massacre? And who is responsible for the attempts upon Julia’s life? Was it Giovanni, her handsome cousin and if so, why?

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A Paris Affair (by G.C. Dallas)

After a nostalgic end to a marriage with a philandering, golfing gynecologist, Beatrice flies off to Paris to stay with her brother, a diplomat, for a real change of scene. However, nothing really goes as planned when she discovers that her brother is dead and when she finds herself falling in love with a seductive Russian writer overly attached to an ageless French actress. The story develops when she moves into her brother’s apartment and when she is hit over the head in the dead of night by a strange burglar. She makes friends with a neighbourly French lawyer and is helped by a beautiful German au pair and her amusing English boyfriend. And what happened to the glamorous gallery owner – fiancée of her brother? Is she in the morgue?

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Those Irish Eyes (by G.C. Dallas)

After the death of her husband in Paris, Moira, born in Boston, inherits her Grandfather’s farm in Ireland. She takes her mother’s ashes back with her as she moves to the old home and hopes to discover her father’s identity. Could he be Father John, the local priest? Moira soon discovers that there is a dark side to the idyllic life by the Shannon River. Is a talented painter that she finds living in her farmhouse the murderer of Laetitia, a beautiful Corsican and is Laetitia’s brother, Philippe, the handsome, trustworthy man that he appears to be? Was it thieving Sally Sue’s corpse that was found in the Shannon? How did Moira discover second sight and an ability to heal pain and how does she appreciate having the ghost of her cantankerous old Grandfather sitting in her bedroom?

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Rendez-vous in Paris (by G.C. Dallas)

Uncertain about the paternity of her expected child, Beatrice has decided to live in an apartment in Paris with visits to a Normandy beach house. Her brother Richard left her these properties, with a large art collection, on his accidental death. Her life is full of intriguing characters such as Boris, who brilliantly copies the style of well-known French Impressionist and other more classical painters. The mystery remains of who murdered her brother’s fiancée, Nicole Berg, owner of an art gallery, and why did the painter, Levy, commit suicide and who tried to kill Colonel Guerin in the beach house? Guerin, a high ranking French police investigator, has fallen in love with Beatrice and obviously wants to expel Serge, a handsome and amusing Russian writer, from Beatrice’s life. Guerin’s son Fred, who is a cyber-genius, is a great help to Bea as he is able to protect her father’s financial empire from being taken over by the family company of his new, fifth, beautiful young wife from India. As the time approaches for the birth of her baby, Beatrice has some difficult decisions to make about the men in her life.

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